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Corrine Shmyruk: A Legacy of Learning

For the past eight years, Corrine Shmyruk has been the principal at Parkside Montessori, a school known for its student-centered approach to education. Corrine was born and raised in Fairview and her ties to Northwestern Polytechnic (NWP) run deep. Corrine's journey into education began at Northwestern Polytechnic, where she pursued a degree in the Teacher Education North program, graduating in 2002. It was during her time at NWP that Corrine discovered her passion for teaching and her belief i

Tracy King: Becoming a Vocal Advocate

Tracy King, a nursing instructor at Northwestern Polytechnic, isn’t just an educator, she is a beacon of inspiration for her students. Her personal and academic experiences, along with her dedication are playing a pivotal role in helping others and advocating for marginalized communities. Growing up, Tracy was surrounded by a supportive family, including her aunt, who served as an influential role model. Her aunt's commitment to education helped instill the belief that she, too, could pursue hi

Shannon Ball: A Career Shift

Shannon Ball knows the importance of careful selection. It’s something she’s learned over time. While employed as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Calgary, Shannon was placed on light duties after she sustained a foot injury at work. Although she didn’t know it just then, the temporary move to the tool room would eventually prove to be a key component of her long-term success. “I really enjoyed organizing the tools, making them easily accessible, and helping others find what they needed,” e

Darlene Horseman: Decolonizing Her Education

“I'll tell you this: I never liked education. As a child, school was such a negative experience for me. It was never a priority," admits Darlene Horseman, the Cree and Indigenous Studies Instructor at Northwestern Polytechnic (NWP). After a few bumps in the road, decolonizing her education, and a lot of hard work, Darlene now has a different perspective. While working for Horse Lake First Nation, Darlene always wanted to do more. Fearlessly expanding her skillset, she worked for them for 18 yea

Carolyn Vasileiou: Confidence and Curiosity

It was Northwestern Polytechnic’s Fairview campus that brought Carolyn Vasileiou’s parents together. Long before she started her own journey at NWP, Carolyn’s parents met while young students at what was then called Fairview College. Her father was in the agricultural program and her mother was studying home economics. Eventually they married and bought a farm in High Prairie, Alberta where they raised their children. Even after moving to their farm and starting the next phase of their lives,

Dr. Denise Nowicki: Awarding Excellence

Tucked away in the Humanities and Social Science storage room you will find boxes upon boxes of Dr. Denise Nowicki’s student portfolios. Other instructors would have discarded student work after the required retention period, but Dr. Nowicki keeps them in case her former students eventually need something from their work. This is a physical symbol that Dr. Nowicki is far more than the average instructor. She is a thoughtful and dedicated mentor, role modeling for her students how an educator can

Dr. Shawn Morton: Awarding Excellence in Research

Twenty-five years ago, before pursuing an undergraduate degree in archaeology, Dr. Shawn Morton picked up the Yellow Pages and meticulously flipped back and forth, looking for an “archaeologist.” Finding one, he asked if he could tag along for the day as a volunteer to get a feel for archaeology. On that day, despite managing to dig up mostly poison ivy, sunburn, bug bites, and scratches, he fell in love with the field. While Dr. Morton wasn’t always sure about his career prospects, his desire

Curran Speager: Inspiring Future Power Engineers

Curran Speager has a passion for power engineering. As an instructor at Northwestern Polytechnic, he is dedicated to teaching the next generation of power engineers and preparing them for the rapidly evolving industrial world. Speager's power engineering journey was not a straight path. A local to the area, Speager started his degree at NWP before transferring to Dalhousie University. After completing a degree in computer science, he found himself working in various industries, including wareho

Sally Jones: Harmonizing Academia and Art

Dr. Sally Jones, born and raised in the Peace Country, grew up on her family farm on the north banks of the Peace River. She has always felt a connection to the river, which ran through her veins like an invisible thread that always connected her back home. As her father is a pioneer of the Peace Country, her connections to this area run deep. As an English Instructor at Northwestern Polytechnic (NWP) for the past 18 years, Sally pursues her passions in the place she has always called home. Gr

Darcy Hudak: Open Road Passion

Darcy Hudak wasn’t always happy and passionate about his career. Before becoming a Motorcycle Mechanic and Instructor at Northwestern Polytechnic (NWP), he was working at a job which was negatively impacting his mental health. Riding his motorcycle during that time was one of the few things that kept him going every day. One evening while watching television with his wife, a Motorcycle Mechanic Institute commercial caught Darcy’s attention with its ‘the passion of the trade” tagline. Darcy add

Dr. Raoudha Kallel: Passion for Education

Growing up in the francophone country of Tunisia, Dr. Raoudha Kallel was immersed in the French language and culture. As a child, she had always admired the teachers she had in school and decided from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher too. Teaching French was a natural choice for Dr. Kallel as her childhood exposure to the French language led to her lifelong passion of sharing the vibrant French culture. “People would ask me as a child what I wanted to be, and I would say ‘a teacher’.

Jesse Griffin: Professional Relationships

Jesse Griffin is a testament to the power of professional relationships. After graduating from Northwestern Polytechnic's (NWP) collaborative Bachelor of Science degree program in Nursing, Jesse remains connected with faculty and staff at NWP. This connection helped Jesse secure his current role as a Registered Nurse for Alberta Health Services Public Health Department. Thanks to attending NWP, Jesse has taken advantage of resources and advice offered by professors he met during his studies.

Jory Simard: Leveraging Opportunity

Jory Simard credits Northwestern Polytechnic (NWP) as the roadway that carved the way to his future successes and entrepreneurial endeavours. As someone who has called Grande Prairie home his entire life, Simard explained that there is “nothing but opportunity to be leveraged” in the Peace Region and can’t wait to make his way back. Simard is currently completing his second-year Juris Doctor (JD) at the University of Alberta, with the hope of enrolling in the combined JD and Master of Business

Misha Albert: Passion Driving Entrepreneurism

For artists, being an entrepreneur is a must. It's not enough to just have talent - you need to make your passion work for you. Entrepreneurial artists take the initiative and find ways to pursue their passions creatively and innovatively. Whether it's through hustling to find gigs, branching out into side projects, or teaching classes and workshops, there are many ways for ambitious artists to make their passion a reality. Take Misha Albert’s journey as evidence. Now a drama instructor at Nor

Short Fiction - Maple Tree Literary Supplement – issue 25

I tip-toed into the bathroom and made sure not to turn on the light in the hall. I didn’t want my parents to become suspicious. I had visited the bathroom several times that evening, and although I was certain that my parents were asleep or almost at that point, I would prefer that they didn’t ask what it was that I was checking. This had been my routine for several days now. I would go into the washroom and carefully unravel a portion of toilet paper and wad it up in my hands. And pray. Pray f

FAIRVIEW POST - Column: No one will love you like your dog does

If there is one thing that I am certain about in life, it is that no human can love in the same way that a dog loves its person. Dogs spend most of their short time with us living optimistically and forgiving fiercely. A dog’s love comes without limitations and is entirely selfless. As dog owners we are often late, forgetful, even boring at times. When we come home from a long day at work, we often give our dogs only a few minutes of our time before we station ourselves in front of the TV to wa

FAIRVIEW POST: GPRC Fairview principal resigning after 30-year career

For over 30 years, Christopher Laue has been employed at the GPRC Fairview Campus. Most recently, he has acted as both principal of the GPRC Fairview Campus and the dean of trades, agricultural and environment. He has recently accepted the position of special projects advisor so that he can make the transition easier for the person who will be taking over his position. Laue explained that he has been doing a lot of advising to prepare the new dean for success. “I’m working with the new dean s

FAIRVIEW POST: MD of Fairview council discusses spring maintenance and tax deferrals

On April 14, the MD of Fairview council met via teleconference in order to respect social distancing recommendations. Deferring taxes for both non-residential and residential properties was discussed, as well as going forwards with regular spring maintenance. Non-residential property owners will now be able to defer property tax payments up to six months. This has been implemented in order to support business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Council passed the motion that there will be a

FAIRVIEW POST: GPCSD lends iPads, helping improve quality of life during COVID-19

The Grande Prairie Catholic School District (GPCSD) has been busy doing what they can to help people in the city of Grande Prairie as well as smaller communities in the surrounding area. Most notably, the school district has lent out several iPads to palliative and senior centres in Fairview, Hythe and Grande Prairie. These iPads are being used so that the individuals residing in these centres can visit with family and friends while being isolated due to COVID-19. Supt. Karl Germann said a col

FAIRVIEW POST - Column: Nothing is wrong with a child, just society’s way of thinking

Children meeting milestones is one of those things that has both tight timeframes but allows for fluctuations. It can be confusing, and as a first-time mother, I find myself losing sleep while endlessly surfing Google trying to make sure my son is meeting all the milestones he is supposed to at the right time. The label of “something wrong” surfaces repeatedly in my searches and I can’t help but wonder that why in a world where everyone is made so different and excels in different areas, we ar
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